I’m Running a Marathon

I’ve recently made the huge decision of signing up to run a full Marathon (42km or 26.2 miles) which is quite crazy considering I don’t enjoy sweating like a pig, running out of… Continue reading

Anxiety- The break down

Have you ever heard of ‘the wall’ that runners hit during a marathon? Where they reach a point of total exhaustion, unable to even take just one more step. Well I’ve hit that wall…but… Continue reading

Don’t Give Up You’re Individuality

I thought I’d share with you some advice that took me years of failed relationships to discover…Whether you are in a relationship of not, please don’t go forgetting that you are still an… Continue reading

A Story about Love- A loss but a better gain

So I’ve recently been through the ugly process of a breakup. You know, the rollercoaster emotions, tears, flash backs of all the good times, outbursts of “I’m doing just fine without him, I’m a… Continue reading

What Led Me Here- A little bit about me and why I decided to start writing

Six years ago my life took a dramatic turn and I developed a severe anxiety disorder. It became unbearable, I would vomit, shake and faint on a daily basis. My hair started falling out due to all… Continue reading